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Mar 24, 2013 8:00am PDT
the key is to talk about first exposure and then education and then having the expectations and recently, was talking with a student and we were talking about when i first started working with her and a group of other girls that lived in public housing. >> how old is she? >> she's two. >> -- she's 22. >> oh, my god. >> and she would not necessarily be my greatest story and that idea is we started with her that summer. they had tremendous violence in her neighbor. every night, we went out to dinner and did things and went home. i felt like every night, stepping over caution tape. there was a new murder or new shooting. >> uh-huh. >> and show struggled for years and finally finished, went back and got her ged is going to college and said to me the other day, i appreciate the opportunity to stay connected and for someone to help me focus on breaking the cycle. that is one account. others are, we had a student in the same housing development that is now a freshman at notre dame. >> oh, my gosh. >> and show has stayed with it and worked through her family issues and gone to school at convent
Mar 18, 2013 10:00pm PDT
the conference is about. educating mailers on how to grow your mail and how to use the u.s. postal service to help you mail better. >> reporter: outside the conference, postal workers protested the proposed service cuts, including ending saturday deliveries. but one worker's son says he hopes the conference will help reinvent the postal service. >> a lot of people are losing their jobs. people are being relocated outside the state. >> reporter: the usps says they are watching their cost by sending 160 fewer employees to the conference this year. and they are paying $155 for each hotel room, a 40% discount. sharon chin kpix 5. >> the conference runs through wednesday. the workshops include more efficient mail packaging and extreme weather. >>> like many public officials caught up in a scandal, this man insisted that the allegations against him were a distraction and a political lynching. but tonight a jail sentence looms for the tomorrower law make -- for the former lawmaker. we were in the courtroom for the guilty plea. >> reporter: the former supervisor agreed to the -- supervisor greeted
Mar 19, 2013 10:00pm PDT
support for girls education. today the girl said wearing a school uniform again makes her very happy. >>> coming up, another campus massacre avoided by a quick- thinking student. the frightening confrontation that likely saved a lot of lives. >> a mainstay of military weaponly sidelined after a deadly accident. what happened during a training exercise at a remote nevada base. >> we are helping facilitate what is in the economy. >> and the trickle up economics that is fueling the bay area recovery. how small businesses are building the boom one job at a time. >>> with the smirk on his face and a t-shirt with the word, killer scrolled on it, an ohio teenager appeared in court to hear his sentence for killing three classmates last year. 18-year-old, t.j. lane turned to the victim's families if court, cursed and made an obscene gesture. sentenced him to life in prison. he was not eligible for the death penalty because he was a minor when he opened fire on students in his high school cafeteria. the mother of one of the students killed called lane a quote, pathetic excuse for a human be
Mar 21, 2013 10:00pm PDT
service educated them about return policies, there is a bit of sidewalk research in the marina. after all, he heard the recall of black pants will reduce full earns by 27 cents a share. >> i pay attention to the bend over test, yes. >> i haven't seen any of these sheer pants. >> reporter: chad sheaf reminded us yogis are a calm bunch. >> come into yoga, some people wear less than that. they have holes in the wrong places sometimes. >> reporter: how is that for transparency. no mistake. >> now if you have a transparent pair you can get store credit or a full refund. you don't have to bend over to prove your point. these are -- >> we'll check it out. >> these are not see-through. >> they're famous pants and the company ceo announced today new quality control measures and changes to their sourcing methods. >> thank goodness for that. >> we can breathe a sigh of relief. >> that is a huge story. a lot of people have e-mailed us thinking they had to bend over to, you know, verify the fact that you could see something there and it's been, you know, a source of consternation for a lot of folks. >
Mar 22, 2013 10:00pm PDT
police tweet- a-thon. it's meant to educate the public about policework and promote social media as a law enforcement tool. police have been tweeting for the past two years. they say it's been a big help when they need to get information out quickly. >> twitter has been a great asset for us. it's saving time. it's allowing us to view more with less resources on a regular basis. >>> right now, nine bay area police departments participated in today's tweet-a-thon along with two others. >>> a meteor streaked over the east coast. witnesses from florida to maine spotted the fire ball at 5:00 our time. the american meteor society is receiving hundreds of reports of sightings and of course social media is a buzz as well. there are unconfirmed reports the meteorite landed near the border. >>> this is becoming epidemic. we have to stop these meteors. >> if you can figure out a way, you would be a very rich man. >> as long as they don't do any damage. >> until they hit you. nay are they are beautiful in the sky. you can see the stars. you can see the moon. the skies are so clear out there. over
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5